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What Happens Now?

Your Questions Answered, and Resources Below

Q: What do I do if investigators want to question me?

A: If any sort of enforcement agents ask you questions regarding the circumstances of the alleged crime, provide information ONLY with your attorney present. Even if you think that what you have to say would show your innocence, it’s better to play it safe to avoid potentially damaging your case. During and after your arrest, you absolutely do not have to speak when questioned. You do have the right to remain silent.


Q: How soon should I seek legal aid after I’m accused?

A: As soon as possible. The faster you get a criminal lawyer on your side, the more likely it is that you have a positive outcome to your case.


Q: Can I hire anyone to be my lawyer?

A: No! There are many different areas of civil and criminal law and not everyone is qualified to assist you. It is incredibly important to hire a legal representative who has experience with your specific form of accusation and the knowledge to properly help you. 


Q: What types of legal matters can a criminal defense attorney like Danelle assist with?

A: An attorney at law like Danelle will be fully committed to defending you in cases such as juvenile crimes, burglary, drug crimes, domestic crimes, violent crimes, etc. 


Although a favorable outcome cannot be promised for every legal case (adult or juvenile), Danelle aims to do everything she can to help you through the process.

Q: What role does the parent play in a juvenile case?

A: Parents play an important and irreplaceable role in the success of a minor’s case. For instance, they are encouraged to voice insights, supply character history examples, and give perspective to the situation the child is in. Parents can serve as a great resource for a defense attorney as well as being support for their child throughout the daunting legal process. An attorney in these situations does represent the accused youth - not the parent - which means that certain laws determine what information can and cannot be shared with family members. Confidentiality, however, remains absolute.

Seeking online legal aid? Need free legal information concerning California’s criminal court system?


General criminal case info-

Listing of agencies in Sonoma:


Juvenile Justice-

Community outreach resource center- 

Criminal process info-

Family support and mental health educational programs- call 1-866-960-6264

California has the 18th lowest incarceration rate in the country, and Jacobs is striving to make that number even lower. Jacobs is dedicated to the Sonoma County court system because she believes in its unique design— that the system is truly focused on rehabilitation rather than punishment. In Sonoma County, programs often provide services to the families as well as the person involved in the system. Through her services as an attorney, Jacobs works toward blending the courts and local community together. She hopes to foster trust in the court system, and is a long time supporter of outreach and rehabilitation programs.

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