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Danelle specializes in juvenile cases— a juvenile as young as 14 years old at the time of a felony crime can be tried as adult, and receiving well-detailed legal advice is absolutely key for successfully dealing with an accusation. If you or your child’s case does require a hearing or trail, you want to be certain you have a well known member of the legal community assisting you.

Juvenile Defense

        The foundation of Danelle Jacobs’ practice is to listen to your side of the story, get all the facts, and then act according to your best interests. She believes in the power of parental influence, rehabilitation, and the process of Sonoma County’s court system. She guides her clients through the court system, and fights for rehabilitation with success.

Danelle Jacobs -

"Sonoma County is unique in that we still have great programs to refer to and all involved – District Attorney, Probation, Judge, Court Staff, and Defense Counsel, all have good working relationships.  The system is truly focused on rehabilitation rather than punishment. Here in Sonoma County, our programs often provide services to the families as well as the young person involved in the system. Here, there is a commitment to encouraging trust between the courts and the public.

By working together, you can have total visibility with the process, never feel confused, and know your lawyer worked hard for the best possible outcome for your case.

If you or someone you know is in need of a lawyer or has been arrested for:

*Juvenile Justice

*Assault and Battery


*Orders of Protection

*Retail theft or Shoplifting

*Disorderly conduct




*Computer Crime


*Drug charges

*Gang-related cases


*Weapons Violations


*Violent Crimes

*Administrative Appeals

Contact for more information.

Phone: 707-583-1422

As a fellow parent, I promise I'll help you get the best possible outcome for your child's case.

- Danelle Jacobs

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