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“Community means a place where you feel at home, where you have a sense of belonging, where you feel safe.” 

    -Danelle K. Jacobs

Adult Defense

      Every year, millions of people try to navigate the US courts without a lawyer. But people without lawyers are consistently mistreated. In some states, as many as 80 to 90 percent of litigants are unrepresented. 


      Danelle prides herself on the ability to have communicative and yet confidential attorney-client relationships within any legal contract. She understands that things like race and gender should not be deciding factors in sentencing. Circumstances, ethics, influences, and intention should. That’s why her focus remains on the community as a whole, people on the basis of heart, and actions taken with the future in mind.

      The criminal justice system is unforgiving and often problematic for those who have been arrested or accused, and Danelle is an expert at explaining the law and court processes in non-legal, easy to understand ways. Whether it’s you or your child who are facing charges, taking immediate action by contacting Danelle K. Jacobs’ Sonoma County Law Firm could be of critical importance to the outcome of your experience in criminal court.

Danelle K. Jacobs has zealously assisted and defended clients in legal matters in criminal court such as:


*Criminal Defense

*Juvenile Justice

*Assault and Battery


*Orders of Protection

*Retail theft or Shoplifting

*Disorderly conduct




*Computer Crime


*Drug charges

*Gang-related cases


*Weapons Violations


*Violent Crimes

*Administrative Appeals

We will work as a team, with the court system, to make the process as simple as possible.

-Danelle Jacobs

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