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About Danelle

When she is not practicing law, Danelle enjoys volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America, traveling, and spending time with her horses, chickens, bunnies, pet duck, and dog. She is from California. Although she attended undergrad in Colorado, she came back to California with great enthusiasm to attend Empire College School of Law. Now, she lives in Sonoma County with her husband and two teenage children. As a Sonoma County lawyer, this community is Danelle's home.

  • Tirelessly defending adult and juvenile clients facing serious charges in the county criminal justice system

  • Utilizing her understanding, education, and experiences of the criminal  justice system to benefit anyone seeking legal advice and/or assistance 

  • Confident in serving Sonoma legal needs in adult and juvenile cases, such as DUI and drug charges, as well as general criminal law violations


  • Bachelors degree from Colorado St University - Fort Collins, CO


  • Became a board certified Lawyer of Sonoma County California after graduating with Honors from Empire College School of Law - Santa Rosa, CA


  • California Bar Number: 246618

The Process

Understanding the first few events following an arrest is incredibly important:


  1. Once a crime is reported, an investigation is conducted, and an arrest is made. Often times this sequence of events happens in rapid succession. Get a lawyer as soon as possible!

  2. If you are accused of a crime, arrested, and booked, your information is submitted into official records. 

  3. Arraignment follows. This is when having a criminal lawyer becomes truly, undeniably important; appearing in court and entering a plea - whether guilty or not - can have life-altering consequences.  

  4. Bail (in adult cases) or detention follows arraignment. As your legal aid representative, your lawyer will argue for your freedom - for a lessor bail. They will be a voice of support.

  5. In a Preliminary Hearing, having a lawyer to attest to your perspective and experience will help decide in your favor whether or not your case should be held for trial. 

  6. If it comes to it, trial follows. Trial can be unbelievably intimidating. Having a good lawyer by your side - who is on your side - can make a world of difference.

  7. Once Sentencing has occurred, in the form of fine, probation, or jail time, a lawyer can either help you comply to sentencing and/or sanction an appeal.

Access to legal assistance is an American right: 

a form of basic protection. Don’t place on yourself the burden of seeking justice unsupported. When you or your child is facing a criminal charge, the best thing you can possibly do is contact a lawyer. 

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