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Juvenile Defense

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

My number one thing about being an attorney, especially a criminal defense attorney, is hearing people’s stories. People are fascinating! Secondly, I really love meeting people who are in a terrible spot, being able to calm them down, educate them, walk them through the process, and give them the sense that, although it may take a while, in the end, this will probably be ok. Everyone has a story that is unique to them, and they are all equally as joyful as they are devastating. I am here to be a resource and guide you through the devastating times as we deal with your case.

I want to keep my firm small so I can build relationships with my clients, especially with my juvenile clients, who I commonly refer to as “my kids”. Its important to me to educate my clients about the criminal justice process. A little bit of knowledge can go a long way in removing the worry and stress that is inherent in being charged with a crime. By keeping my client numbers small, I can take the time to thoroughly explain the process, the legal language, and the options.

I’m also super straight forward. I don’t mince words and I don’t cushion things. I’m going to tell you the worst case scenario, but then, how we can work towards the best case scenario. I don’t drag things out, I do my best to not continue cases needlessly, and I work hard to keep my fees reasonable. If you feel as though I am the right fit for your needs, then please reach out and we can discuss costs.

I love watching clients turn their lives around. I love seeing the joy in parents when their child is successful and they say things like, “you gave me my kid back.”


Danelle Jacobs

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