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Everyone needs - and deserves - a lawyer who is 100% committed to their or their minor’s juvenile case, and that is precisely what you will get when you work with Danelle K. Jacobs’ Sonoma County Law Office. She will talk to you with the highest level of respect, treat your case with top priority, and give you the education, confidentiality, and encouragement you need to handle court proceedings. Danelle will never leave a question you have unanswered and she will explain everything you need to know of the law pertinent to your case. She values your time and future within the community she has dedicated her life to. Counseling, advocacy, advice, patience, and honesty— that is what she can supply for you.

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Over 300,000 felony arrests are made each year in California, of which over 7,000 are minors. On average, half of the prisoners admitted each year to a California prison are convicted of an assault, robbery, or weapons charge. But, those cases are Danelle’s exact forte. She has dedicated her career to protecting the rights of individuals, which she has passionately done for the last 12 years as a court-appointed defense attorney in Sonoma County.

“I really love being able to meet people who are in a terrible spot and calm them down, educate them, walk them through the process, and give them the sense that, although it may take a while, in the end things will probably be ok.”

    -Danelle K. Jacobs

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Danelle K. Jacobs

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Danelle has a great sense of duty and dedication to the people of Sonoma county; in her Law Firm community of Sebastopol alone there are approximately 20 violent crimes each year. She believes that sharing her knowledge with her clients goes a long way in removing the worry and stress that is inherent in being charged with a crime. By keeping her client numbers low, she can take the time to thoroughly explain court processes, legal language, and the options you have when facing a criminal charge

“I don’t mince words and I don’t cushion things. I’m going to tell you the worst case scenario, but then how we can work towards the best case scenario. I don’t drag things out, I do my best to not continue cases needlessly, and I work hard to keep my fees reasonable.”

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